Chandler, AZ Sun Control and Protection

There is nothing like enjoying the nearly 300 average days of sunshine in Chandler, Arizona which is what attracts many people to this prominent Phoenix suburb. However, all that sunshine can wreak havoc on various aspects of the home causing both damage and discomfort. Citizens of Chandler, AZ commonly turn to Arizona Sun Control Products to assist them with home protection from the intense rays of the desert sun.

Reduce Damage to your Chandler home

The sun beaming through Chandler, Arizona home windows may be enjoyable, but its strong UV rays can cause damage to the items it bathes in its energy. Materials are commonly discolored and items warped from the hot desert sun.

Our solution lies in various rolldown shades that quickly and efficiently prevent the powerful rays of the sun from penetrating while offering the benefit of the sun’s light to harmlessly filter through. Window solar sunscreens placed on all of your home’s windows not only provide sun protection, but they also offer privacy and aesthetic appeal to your home’s design. We have a wide range of window solar sunscreen colors to choose from that will match practically any Chandler, AZ home.

Maintaining comfort throughout Chandler, AZ

Rolldown shades also increase the comfort of your home’s living spaces by keeping the hot rays of the sun from entering. When the sun’s rays are allowed to penetrate the interior of your home, heat is stored in materials which then radiates into the atmosphere causing temperatures to rise. Adding window solar sunscreens to all windows or possibly adding a retractable awning can cut direct sunlight and significantly increase the comfort level for you and your family.

Energy Saving Benefit

Another benefit of adding sun shades and retractable awnings to your Chandler, AZ home is a decrease in energy use. When the sun heats up the interior of your home, your air conditioning unit has to work much harder to accommodate the increase in temperature. This can lead to much higher energy costs as well as additional wear and tear on your unit causing higher maintenance, repair, or replacement expenses. Arizona Sun Control Products are investments that help to keep your energy bills low.

Gain Outdoor Relief – Chandler, AZ should be Enjoyed Outdoors!

It isn’t only the interior of the home that benefits from our sun control products. Patios, decks and other outdoor locations can be made more comfortable as well. The hot sun beaming down on friend and family gatherings can send everyone running indoors for cover. You can extend that refreshing outdoor time by ensuring that relief from the beaming, hot Chandler, AZ sun is already provided.

Open patios, as well as sun facing windows, can benefit from retractable awnings that can be raised when the sun is at its fullest and then retracted when not required. Retractable awnings provide instant shade over patios and outdoor spaces next to the home. A more permanent option is to have Alumawood Patio Covers installed which provide year-round sun protection using a durable material that is also attractive.

After installing Alumawood Patio Covers, or if your patio is already roofed, add patio shades to extend both sun protection and time spent outdoors. Rolldown Shades can be gradually raised or lowered as the sun rises or sets to give you the fullest benefit of beautiful Chandler, Arizona days. Contact Arizona Sun Control Products today for more information on home sun protection options.