Glendale, Arizona Patio Covers & Sun Shades

Glendale, AZ offers its citizens some very special perks which makes it a desirable oasis of sorts. Not only is the city fairly small, providing a “down home” atmosphere while still being conveniently close to the much larger Phoenix, it enjoys roughly 300 days of bright, beautiful sunshine per year on average.

Although the nearly constant presence of the sun can be quite invigorating, it can also present some uncomfortable problems for Glendale homeowners. The hot, southwest sun can be quite intense, creating eye-straining brightness and heating up homes rather quickly causing stifling interior temperatures or high energy bills to maintain a cool, livable environment.

Sun Shades Provide Indoor Relief from the Glendale heat!

The intense light and heat of the sun in Glendale, AZ is best controlled by shading devices. Arizona Sun Control Products are used to effectively improve several key factors so that home living is more comfortable.

First of all, the quality of natural lighting in the home is improved and harmful glare reduced by using sun shades. These shading devices are placed on windows to provide effective barriers against the full strength of the bright Glendale sun while allowing soft, natural light to enter. Activities in the home can be carried out in comfortable natural lighting.

Solar sunscreens also minimize heat infiltration and maximize cooling efforts. Not only is more heat prevented from entering your home, but air conditioning units work less and the indoor temperature remains more even. Depending on natural or structural elements assisting with sun control around your home, solar sunscreens can reduce energy cooling consumption from between 5 and 15 percent.

Shading Devices for Outdoor Enjoyment

The beautiful, warm climate of Glendale provides an ample amount of outdoor enjoyment. However, the open sun can be blistering and shading devices are often used to solve this problem as well so that more time can be spent outside your home.

Some patio designs in Glendale, AZ contain roofs that provide overhead protection from the hot desert sun. As you know, the sun doesn’t remain overhead, but rises and descends with the day which can present uncomfortable periods of both heat and intense light. Our patio covers and rolldown sunshades are the perfect accessories for such structures as they attach to them and can be lowered or lifted as needed to provide a sun barrier to patio openings.

If your patio, porch, or other outdoor gathering area doesn’t have a roof, you can still gain sun protection without spoiling the view or aesthetic appearance of your home by using retractable awnings. These shading devices provide the flexibility of being pulled over your outdoor area when in use to provide sun cover and then retracted once the sun moves out of sight. Both Alumawood patio covers and retractable awnings also assist with blocking sunlight and heat from entering your home.

Another benefit of using Arizona Sun Control Products is the extensive variety. Rolldown sun shades as well as alumiunum patio covers and retractable awnings come in numerous styles, designs and colors so that you can accentuate and personalize your home while effectively maintaining sun and energy control as well as personal comfort.