Maxx Panel™ Insulated Roofs in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ is a beautiful area in which to live. Adding a patio or similar space to your home increases its outdoor pleasure, aesthetic beauty and overall value. However, to receive the fullest degree of comfort and enjoyment from your outdoor haven, you need a roof to shield your family and guests from the beaming desert sun and to repel and resist adverse weather such as wind and rain.

Maxx Panel™ Insulated Roofs are designed to provide Phoenix, AZ homeowners with maximum comfort from the harsh desert elements. The interlocking design of these versatile patio covers makes installation easy and boosts material strength and overall performance. The integrated fan beam consists of extruded aluminum which is then encased in foam. Roof panels also consist of EPS Expanded Polystyrene foam for the highest degree of strength, protection and thermal insulation.

The aluminum surface of Maxx Panel™ Insulated Roofs utilizes laminated technology for superior performance against weathering and is treated with an embossed finish that resembles 8 inch cedar planks for a real wood look. Phoenix, AZ homeowners can choose from surface colors of white or desert sand. The specially protected dual layer aluminum system means Maxx Panel™ Patio Covers are extremely durable, effectively resisting fading, scratching and corrosion. Not only will your Phoenix, AZ home look more attractive and increase in value, but Maxx Panel™ Insulated Roofs also require minimal maintenance meaning you get to spend more hassle-free time enjoying your covered outdoor areas.

Furthermore, a thick grade aluminum gutter system is added to Maxx Panel™ Insulated Roofs which are designed to also provide extended life and top performance for eliminating water runoff. Optional leaf guards can also be added to prevent debris from clogging gutters and downspouts. An optional Lightstrip® Recessed Lighting System can be built into Maxx Panel™ Patio Covers adding an intriguing and functional source of nighttime illumination during outdoor events.

Arizona Sun Control Products provides Maxx Panel™ Insulated Roofs and related products to Phoenix, AZ residents. Contact us for more information on how you can use Maxx Panel™ to beautify, maximize the outdoor pleasure and increase the value of your home.