Patio Shades in Surprise, AZ

Nestled in the midst of mountain parks and the mystical beauty of the Sonora desert, Surprise, AZ is an oasis of family life and recreation. As a matter of fact, the odd name of the city stems from this once secluded patch of farmland becoming a coveted jewel. Residents numbering over 120,000 now call this gorgeous city home that is located a short 45 minutes from downtown Phoenix. People are drawn to the area to work, start businesses and participate in recreation activities, all while basking in the plentiful sunshine of the desert southwest.

Home Sun Protection

Although everyone enjoys the abundance of sunny days in Surprise, AZ, the heat can cause both discomfort and material damage. Without proper sun shades, time outdoors can be limited and damage to furniture, carpets and other indoor items can be significant. For this reason, area homeowners turn to Arizona Sun Control for solutions. Depending on your particular need, we can provide a variety of sun protection products and services that will make living in Surprise, AZ that much more enjoyable.

Homeowners that enjoy open areas and unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape can opt for solid or lattice Alumawood Patio Covers that can be used in conjunction with Rolldown Shades or other types of patio shades. Those areas located alongside the home might benefit best from retractable shades that offer relief from the hot sun when required, but can be withdrawn so as to not spoil the architectural beauty of the house. We can also help you design and build custom screen rooms that possess patio shades or Rolldown Shades that can be utilized when needed.

Increase Comfort and Save Energy

The desert sun can present problems when allowed to penetrate homes, causing both discomfort and damage. Sun shades are normally added to the windows and doorways of the home to prevent entrance of the harsh sunlight. By shading the interior of the home, fading, warping and other forms of damage are significantly reduced.  Sun shades also lower internal home temperatures which can save Surprise, AZ homeowners the additional expense of running air conditioning units to compensate.

If you are a homeowner in Surprise, AZ and want to increase the living pleasure of family and friends, considered adding sun shades and patio shades and covers from Arizona Sun Control. We specialize in helping area residents increase comfort and save energy so that home enjoyment is maximized.