Phoenix, AZ Sun Protection and Sunscreens

Phoenix, AZ is located in the beautiful and sunny Sonora Desert and enjoys more than 300 average days of sunshine every year. The gorgeous surroundings and comfortable year-round climate make Phoenix a popular place to live. However, the strong Sonora sun can present several challenges to Phoenix homeowners.

Conveniently Install Sunscreens to Your Windows

Sunshine that is allowed to poor through home windows can rapidly raise indoor temperatures. In order to combat that extra heat, cooling units have to work much harder which, in turn, raises energy costs. The sun’s powerful rays can also damage and discolor carpets, furniture and other sensitive indoor items as well as cause uncomfortable glare to the eyes of those living within. Draperies and curtains may be used, but they are normally either too thick and block too much of the sun’s natural light or are too porous allowing the sun’s heat and light to penetrate.
Solar sunscreens provided by Arizona Sun Control Products are designed to solve both problems. They effectively prevent harmful sun rays from entering your home while allowing just the right amount of natural light through for accomplishing indoor tasks. Cooling bills are also lowered by the installation of sunscreens as air conditioning units are relieved of the task of overcompensating for the surge of heat. Average energy reductions in the Phoenix, AZ area from using our sun control devices fall between 25 and 35 percent which is a significant amount over time.

We have a large selection of designs, colors and styles so you can pick the perfect sun control product to enhance your Phoenix home.

Accentuate Your Outdoor Recreation Areas

The interior of your home can be made cozy by using rolldown sun shades, but you will also want to spend quality time with family and friends outside. The Phoenix, AZ climate is perfect for enjoying time outdoors as long as you can find cover from the blazing Sonora sun.

Arizona Sun Control Products can assist you with this goal as well. Our Alumawood patio covers come in various styles and can be patched to existing overhead structures to provide relief when the hot sun begins to rise or set, pouring its intense light into the area. When not needed, our rolldown shades can be raised to allow light and breeze to flow through freely and then lowered as the intrusive sun makes its presence known.

For those areas that do not have existing overhead structures, retractable awnings can be used to offer extended protection from the powerful Phoenix sun. Retractable awnings attach to the side of homes or other buildings and then are extended out and over desired areas, providing shade for outings and recreational times.
If you are in need of protective sunscreens to cover the windows of your Phoenix, AZ home, Alumawood patio covers to provide extended enjoyment on patios, porches or decks, or retractable awnings to offer relief from the hot sun without affecting the original beauty of your home, contact Arizona Sun Control Products. In a short period of time, you can have better home indoor protection and extended outdoor activity time for more overall home enjoyment.